~ Miscellaneous Exhortations ~

a. To associate with the followers of all religions with fellowship

b. To honor one's parents

c. Not to wish for others what one does not wish for one's self

d. To teach and propagate the Faith after the ascension of its Founder

e. To assist those who arise to promote the Faith

f. Not to depart from the Writings or to be misled by those who do

g. To refer to the Holy Writ when differences arise

h. To immerse one's self in the study of the Teachings

i. Not to follow one's idle fancies and vain imaginations

j. To recite the holy verses at morn and at eventide

k. To recite the holy verses melodiously

l. To teach one's children to chant the holy verses...

m. To study such arts and sciences as benefit mankind

n. To take counsel together

o. Not to be indulgent in carrying out the statutes of God

p. To repent to God of one's sins

q. To distinguish one's self through good deeds

 i. To be truthful

ii. To be trustworthy

iii. To be faithful

iv. To be righteous and fear God

v. To be just and fair

vi. To be tactful and wise

vii. To be courteous

viii. To be hospitable

ix. To be persevering

x. To be detached

xi. To be absolutely submissive to

the Will of God

xii. Not to stir up mischief

xiii. Not to be hypocritical

xiv. Not to be proud

xv. Not to be fanatical

xvi. Not to prefer one's self to one's neighbor

xvii. Not to contend with one's neighbour

xviii. Not to indulge one's passions

xix. Not to lament in adversity

xx. Not to contend with those in authority

xxi. Not to lose one's temper

xxii. Not to anger one's neighbour

r. To be closely united

s. To consult competent physicians when ill

t. To respond to invitations

u. To show kindness to the kindred of the Founder of the Faith

v. To study languages for the furtherance of the Faith

w. To further the development of cities and countries for the glorification of the Faith

x. To restore and preserve the sites associated with the Founders of the Faith

y. To be the essence of cleanliness:

 i. To wash one's feet

 ii. To perfume one's self

 iii. To bathe in clean water

 iv. To cut one's nails

 v. To wash soiled things in clean water

 vi. To be stainless in one's dress

 vii. To renew the furnishings of one's house